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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Online Hack – Android/iOS

There are times when some games make a revolution in the market with their ideas and gameplay. Z Day: Hearts of Heroes published by KingsGroup Holdings, in my opinion, is one of those games. And now without further delay let`s get to the point. Z Day Hearts of Heroes is a mobile strategy game that was released not that long ago. And it is a great one. Let me start by telling you the story of how the game world ended up with. World War was lasting for years. The scientific experiments reached new levels and both sides hoped that it will help to put this conflict to an end. This is how supersoldiers were created and they became a normal thing in this cruel world. People were used to huge destroyers in the skies. At this point, the Allies got the advantage but the enemies used their secret weapon – a deadly gas. It was made from the chemicals that made the dead come to life as zombies. This is hoe DAY Z started. And this is where your battle to survive starts.

Main Features

Now we are going deeper into the game content and I am very excited to see what we will find there. Let me just say that this game has amazing graphics and together with the story of the game and the controls it makes for probably the best mobile strategy game ever released. Now you have to build your army, build your base and make alliances in order to survive. This is an online strategy game so you can team up with your friends from real life or find people from all over the world to play together with. This game truly has a great story that you will follow for sure and the amazing immersive world is filled with terrifying creatures. But you will find people on your way that might be willing to help you. I personally love this game and highly recommend you installing it and trying it out because it is one of the best strategy games that I have ever played, not only on mobile devices but in general. So, get the game and start your epic battle to stay alive in this cruel world full of zombies!


  • Great idea
  • Nice graphics
  • Good gameplay
  • Good mechanics


  • I am not sure what to say for a game like that!

Google Play Store download link – here 

Apple App Store download link – here


I think that this is a great strategy game and any war fan must try it!



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