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World Conqueror 4 Online Hack – Android/iOS

Now, it is very rare to see a game like World Conqueror 4 published by EasyTech. If I was a WW2 general maybe I will be looking at the same kind of maps and trying to come up with the greatest strategies of all time. World War 2 needs no introduction, of course. It is, by far, the most horrific, destructive, and world-changing war that history has ever seen. Hopefully, humanity somehow beats the odds and it never happens again. For all that horror, it’s also a fascinating period of time in terms of diplomacy and military strategy, and it’s a war that people should study and learn about beyond the heavily revised interpretations of the war that we find in popular culture. It’s a difficult war to represent in video game form, though, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the respective sides aren’t even on any level. For all the successes of Germany and Japan in the early stages of the war, the Axis was completely dwarfed by the wealth and power of the Allies, and the only thing that kept them in the war for so long was that the allied sides were too busy playing political games to get themselves actively involved in the early stages. It wasn’t until Germany pushed into Russia, and Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, that the two mightiest forces on the side of the Allies started to really push back, and it was at that point that the result was a foregone conclusion (and yes, contrary to modern revisionist propaganda, it was as much Stalin that won the war for the Allies as anything the Americans did. I assure you, play as the Allies in this game and you’ll be very thankful for the support of the Soviets indeed).

Main Features

So, as we are speaking on this topic, let`s see the main features of the game. I’m also very impressed with the game’s interface, which is able to display a lot of information without becoming difficult to follow. World Conqueror 4 has abstract systems to represent unit health and morale, as well as the technology and resource output of major cities, and the economic value of each piece of land across the planet. All of that’s easy to take note of at a glance, and the ability to zoom right out to a global map, and then right down to a tiny region in which a couple of units are battling, is both visually impressive, and makes it very easy to follow the ebbs and flows of the global war, even if you’re only participating in one small section of it.


  • Simple gameplay and mechanics
  • Good idea
  • There is some kind of simulation test here.


  • Why in this game there are at least some clips? I want to see how my men are dying for their country.

Google Play Store – download link

Apple Store – download link


All I can say is that this game is not for everybody!



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