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War Machines Online Hack – Android/iOS

War Machines is a simple way to shoot other tanks. The action in this game is put to the fullest simplicity and this makes it one of the best arcade shooters on the market. The pure gameplay style of the game makes it simple and yet fun to play. The controls are simple as they can get too. Use the 360-degree joystick to control your tank, then War Machines tips will tell you to move to the green area, then the War Machines guide will tell you to drag to aim, aim the gun at the enemy tank then start shooting the enemy tank by taping the rocket button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen, then you have to shoot again because this tank is strong and it can handle one shoot. The tutorial of the game is nice and the most important thing is that it is not annoying. A good looking female office name Helena will introduce herself to you offering to show you around and tells you congratulations on crossing the tutorial and well done, recruit! Then you head back to the garage, and Helena will give you a special tank and some funds to help you and to get you started, Helena will also tell you to upgrade the turret to make your tank more powerful.

Main Features

This game might be simple as it gets but still has a lot to offer! This fast-paced shooting game will make your heart pound like no other game ever did. With its time pressured play interface, you’re in for a new action adventure. You need to take down War Machines Tank as many as you can within 3 minutes to progress in the game. You have to protect your country.  To safeguard the honor of your beloved country against the enemies, you will have to work. You will have to fight a battle against the people from USA, Russia, Japan, and China among other countries to defend your country. In two explosive modes, you can fight the battles. You can fight in a team-based battle or in the free for all conflicts mode. From the wide range of powerful tanks, you can select your own machine tank to beat down the enemies. In every strategy that you choose to play the game, you have an array of machine tanks to select. There is always the right tank for every motive of every game you would like to play. If you want to spy the enemy’s territory, you can get a lighter tank to help you move quickly. Provide your team against the enemy to advance in the battle. You may also want to take the most massive and sturdiest tanks of all. The War Machines Tank Shooter will give you the chance to make your enemies get what they deserved.

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What can I say? I like this game very much. Why? Because it is simple and yet fun. It is fast paced with a lot of action and excitement.



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