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UNKILLED Online Hack – Android/iOS

Madfinger’s latest retains pretty much all of the core gameplay from the Dead Trigger series. You’ll be squaring off against crowds of undead crawling in from uncrossable barriers around the edge of the stages, running back as they swarm toward you. Controls are simple and elegant, with the left side of the screen being used for movement, the right side is used for aiming, and firing handled automatically. This last bit helps to distinguish the game from a lot of other clunky, failed attempts to translate FPS gameplay to touchscreens. Since you’re fighting the undead, most enemies are melee based and mindlessly aggressive, and this becomes a game of constant movement and crowd control, rather than methodically hiding behind cover and taking precise aim. It’s more Serious Sam than Call of Duty and it works fantastically well with the controls.

Main Features

Of course, if you’ve played Dead Trigger 2, none of this is news to you. Unkilled plays virtually identically to its predecessor, but it distinguishes itself in a few ways. First and foremost, Unkilled’s single player campaign is far more developed than anything in the Dead Trigger series. Where the first Dead Trigger had hardly anything in the way of unique campaign stages, and the second had a brief, if entertaining romp through a scant 16 stages of story missions (at launch, anyway), Unkilled has over 100 story missions to plow through, and while it still has optional random side missions, they’re no longer the star of the show. Of course, this story highlights a surprising change in the game’s tone, despite its nearly identical theme. Rather than a tale of a rag-tag group of survivors in a global zombie outbreak, Unkilled chronicles the adventures of Joe, a member of a pseudo-military unit called WOLFPACK tasked with containing a zombie outbreak in New York City. No longer occupied with trying to be scary, Unkilled is mostly full of bright and colorful environments that don’t look much like New York, and – perhaps more troublingly – some really terrible dialog.


  • Good graphics
  • Nice mechanics
  • Good gameplay
  • Nice sound


  • It is not something new on the market

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