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The Wolf Online Hack – Android/iOS

Are you ready for the new adventure of wolf simulator games with brand new wolf games to raise your family? Control your ultimate beast in latest wolf simulator free and attack your prey to survive in the jungle with this action-packed wolf free games and animal fighting games. Wolf games free where u can play as the wolf was never been so thrilling. Explore the Jungle and look for prey to feast on, in latest free wolf games 2016 with the ultimate wolf simulator free game. Be an angry wolf and lead your family and clan of wolves, hunt other wild animals that come within your sight in newest wolf games free where u can play as the wolf and has babies and mate. You are a wild wolf in this animal simulator game and have to survive in the jungle with FURIOUS WOLF SIMULATOR. In this wild wolf simulator games 3d, you will enjoy real wolf’s life with the fight, survive and search of food for yourself and also for your mate and cubs. Hunt animals like Crocodile, Bison, elephant, Tiger, Lion etc. with latest wolf simulator games to raise a family thrill adventure. Create rampage and make your group of other wolves around the big jungle in 17 ultimate wolf simulator missions with the blend of wild wolf games and animal fighting games.

Main Features

REALISTIC WOLF SIMULATOR: With this newest wild and angry wolf adventure simulator you have to survive in jungle and attack other animals you have growing family with mate and cubs, take care of them by feed and protect from other wild beasts. Build your own group of wolves and lead them as an alpha. VARIOUS ATTACKING FEATURES: In this wolf games with the ultimate blend of wolf simulator free you have multiple choices of attacks like bites with ultimate pounce attack and also power button attack for killing them rapidly.


  • Original idea
  • Nice graphics
  • Good gameplay
  • Simple mechanics


  • I am not criticizing but I think that this simulator is a little too far!

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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