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Stunt Car Online Hack – Android/iOS

This game is developed by Timuz Games. Amazing Car Racing Real Stunt is a racing game with a twist. Instead of simply racing cool cars around a track, gamers get to put their mean machine through its paces by performing a number of cool stunts that are sure to get the adrenaline pumping. The obstacles that can be used and manipulated in Amazing Car Racing Real Stunt are very varied and this helps to make the game very addictive. There is a cool selection of sports cars to choose from and as each car has different characteristics, figuring out the best car to use to perform different stunts helps to add a new dimension to the game. Although getting the timing right is no walk in the park, many gamers are likely to find that the difficulty level has been set just about right and the addictive nature of the game is sure to keep them coming back for more.

Main Features

With a huge number of stunts to perform and great graphics, Amazing Car Racing Real Stunt offers gamers hours of engaging and addictive fun. However, it should be noted that Amazing Car Racing Real Stunt is completely free to download and play. As a result, the creators have chosen to make their money by allowing a large number of adverts, which tend to pop up without warning and can be rather frustrating.


  • Nice graphics
  • Interesting levels
  • Realistic game mechanics


  • Can be rather tricky
  •  Lots of pop up ads

Google Play Store – download link

Apple App Store – download link


I think that this is a nice and interesting game and there will be no harm if you have it on you device


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