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Stickman Football Online Hack – Android/iOS

Today we are looking at the game Stickman Football published by Djinworks. There’s plenty of soccer games on the App Store, but decent ones are relatively hard to come by. There’s also the issue of who it’s aimed at. The likes of FIFA have cornered a market in realistic gameplay, complete with accurate player and team names. However, it’s very European-centric and may not appeal to those across the world looking for some fast and sharp kickball action. Enter Stickman Soccer, which sits somewhere in between the two, though probably leaning towards the latter. Stickman Soccer 2016 is actually the second in the series, coming in a couple of years after its initial debut, which proved popular thanks to its smooth and fast gameplay, but also because of its simplicity. The Stickman games are virtual across the sporting board now, including basketball, ice hockey, and football. They all focus more on gameplay than accuracy, with rules thrown out the window in favor of flinging a bunch of stickmen characters around a pitch, or a court to score a bunch of points.

Main Features

Though it’s introduced a France 2016 cup-based competition in the run-up to Euro 2016, and it includes German and English league teams (though not the actual team names as rights are expensive), the gameplay has removed a lot of nuances to focus on the fun. As a result it’s pretty easy to score leading to far higher game-scores, while it’s also pretty impossible to commit a foul (though you can give away penalties if you’re particularly malicious with your slide tackle in the box), keeping the ball in play and removing a lot of the stop/start nature of modern soccer. It’s far easier to have a quick game or pick it up from the start without knowing the rules of the game.


  • Good gameplay
  • Simple mechanics
  • A fun variation of the original game


  • It is a little bit sloppy but there is a charm in this game.

Google Play Store – download link 

Apple App Store – download link



If you are looking for a fun game that can be a sports variation, then this game is for you.

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