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Sniper Fury Online Hack – Android/iOS

Sniper Fury is a mobile game brought to fruition by high-class developer Gameloft. The product is available on the most used operating mobile system- iOS, Android, Windows. It is a free to play title that offers amazing visuals. If you were expecting a continuation of the Modern Combat series, this isn’t it. It is really unfortunate that I will have to start with what is bad about this game. There is a lot to take in at first because of Gameloft’s reputation as a developer. They tried their hardest to create the best visually enticing software available on mobile devices. Succeeding in the graphical department, however, won’t be enough to make up for all of the bad decisions about the gameplay. Let’s get one thing out of the way first. The game is filled with IAP (in-app purchases). This isn’t Gameloft’s first attempt to introduce them into a game and I believe it won’t be their last. It’s the type of product that is free at first so you can try it out and see if it fits your needs, and later on turns into a paid nightmare. You will have the option to pay for energy recharges, weapons and also parts. It is also a duplicate of the Contract Killer franchise developed by Glu Mobile.

Main Feauters

Is there great weapon variety to at least try and make up for all of the nonsense in the game? Unfortunately, no! All of the guns you end up using do look alike. There are very subtle differences between them and to add to the already painful situation- you won’t be able to unlock them all. This is how things are laid out- the first weapon you will receive free of charge, afterward, the next two are going to require rubies (in-game currency), then the fourth one is obtainable after some serious grinding. The fifth, sixth, eighth and ninth are locked out of reach too because of the number of rubies they want. Last but not least the seventh gun is also possible to unlock with serious investment into the game. So, only three weapons of each class are going to be at your disposable. Do consider it took me two days to acquire a single gun and that is with the bonuses I got each day for signing into the game. It isn’t worth it.


  • Good graphics
  • Nice gameplay
  • Good mechanics


  • The game doesn`t have a big variety of equipment unless you pay real money.

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link

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