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So, I am very pleased that today I am making a review of a game called Simon`s Cat published by Tactile Games Limited. Why? Well, because I am a fan of the short cartoons wearing the same name. In Crunch Time, you are basically taking a trip through a series of backyards and fields. To progress through the levels, you solve match-3 puzzles by connecting strings of colorful cat treats. The puzzles present different scenarios. In one scenario, your object is to feed the cats by collecting a certain number of each kind of treat. In another, you match treats to collect the fish crackers hidden underneath them. There’s another where you feed a dog, and one where you collect acorns to throw at a squirrel.

Main Features

So, let`s start with the reviews of the main features of the game. There are boosters you can use to help you clear a level (by clearing a whole row for you, for example), but be careful how you use them. Old Solt squandered her boosters on some levels just because she wanted to get through them quickly, but now she is stuck on level 53 and has no boosters to help her (there are videos on YouTube about how to get past level 53, so she is not the only person who has this problem). She also doesn’t have enough coins to buy any more, and it is really not that easy to get coins. You get them for achieving certain things (“complete level 50,” for example), but these don’t come along too often, and they will typically get you only two, three, or maybe five coins. A booster costs 70 coins. Yes, you can use real money to buy things, but we rarely do that in games, at least not this early into a game. You can also earn coins and boosters by watching ads—1 coin or 1 booster per ad, but everything you want to buy costs 70 coins (thought that was worth repeating!).


  • Nice graphics
  • The game looks just like the cartoon
  • It is fun to play


  • It is too childish for me

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


So, overall I can say that the game is fun and simple.


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