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Pokemon Quest Online Hack – Android/iOS

Gamers have been salivating at the chance to play a full-fledged Pokemon title at home and on the go with the Switch. So in classic Nintendo fashion, of course, the company instead gives fans a game that no one was asking for and that will ultimately leave a few Pokemon fans satisfied. Don’t let the name fool you: Pokemon Quest is no RPG. Instead, it’s a free-to-start adventure/resource management game heavily influenced by some of the most annoying design tropes of free-to-play mobile games. There are no Pokeballs to catch monsters here. Instead, you attract new Pokemon to your settlement by cooking recipes that they like. The ingredients for these recipes are gathered on “expeditions,” short battle stages where your team of three Pokemon battle waves of wild pocket monsters.

Main Features

Attack choices are extremely limited compared to a traditional Pokemon game. Basic attacks and all movement are handled automatically, leaving you little control over them as the trainer. Each of your characters can equip two special attacks at a time, but they need a few seconds to recharge after use. There’s also a button for your team to briefly split up and try to dodge attacks, but this doesn’t work terribly well in practice. The game’s economy revolves around PM tickets and battery charges. Speeding up cooking, which takes at least a couple of expeditions, requires PM tickets, as do cosmetic items for your campsite. And if you fail an expedition and want to keep the items you found, guess what? That’s more PM tickets. Your inventory is at first limited to only 20 Pokemon and 20 power stones, items that can give them bonuses in battle. The only way to get more space? PM tickets. Meanwhile, expedition attempts are limited by your battery. When it runs out of juice, you have to wait 30 minutes for it to recharge before you can go on another expedition.

Google Play Store – download link

Apple App Store – download link


Overall, I think that this is a game that deserves a chance.


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