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Right here we have a game that is a true treasure. This is Life Is Strange. A Novel like an adventure game with one of the most touching stories ever. It’s been almost three years since the episodic adventure series Life is Strange wrapped up on PC and console, and seven months since it debuted on iOS devices. Now Dontnod Entertainment’s acclaimed five-part story has finally arrived on Android on the Play Store.  With the original developer working on Life is Strange 2, Black Wing Foundation and Turn Me Up Games once again take the reins following the generally positive reception of the two studios’ iOS port. Life is Strange has already garnered a well-deserved reputation as one of the best adventure games to adopt the third-person adventure style popularized by Telltale Studios’ work — itself heavily inspired by classic point-and-click titles of the 1990s — and without a doubt one of the finest examples of a coming of age story in gaming. In Life is Strange you step into the sneakers of 18-year-old avid photographer Max Caufield, an often irritatingly sincere, but charmingly genteel dork who returns to the fictional coastal town of Arcadia Bay after years away to attend Blackwell Academy boarding school. On top of the struggles of navigating Blackwell’s social minefield, capturing quirky snaps for a possibly life-changing photography competition, and trying to get her head around some ominous premonitions, Max’s life gets a lot weirder after she suddenly gains the ability to rewind time and effectively reshape the world around her.

Main Features

As a whole, Life is Strange retains the light puzzle and detective elements of its genre peers, but rises to the top of the pile through its storytelling and character work. Before long, Max’s powers thrust her into a whirlwind journey complete with a compelling murder mystery and eerie (un)natural phenomenon. However, the story remains grounded thanks to its central relationship between Max and her estranged BFF, Chloe Price. Brought to life by Ashly Burch’s incredible vocal performance, Chloe is the rebellious, hella cool heart of Life is Strange and the game is at its best in the less action-heavy episodes in which the outcast pair rekindle their lost friendship and generally laze around doing quintessentially teenage stuff.


  • Nice graphics
  • Good story
  • Nice gameplay
  • Really touching moments


  • This is not the typical adventure game

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Apple App Store – link


This is a game that deserves your time!


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