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Knights of Pen & Paper II Online Hack – Android/iOS

t would be awfully easy for me to say that if you liked Knights Of Pen & Paper, you’ll love Knights Of Pen & Paper 2. When I first started playing the game, I know that’s how I felt. If I had called it quits an hour or so in, I might have walked away thinking this was a marginally improved, safe follow-up to the original. Fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, I stuck it out to the end, and while I think fans of the first will probably enjoy this game and get their money’s worth out of it, Knights Of Pen & Paper 2 is, in my opinion, a step down from the first game in several ways. For those who might be unfamiliar with the franchise, Knights Of Pen & Paper is a streamlined turn-based RPG that has you take on the role of various odd characters who are playing an in-game RPG. This unusual theme is used to poke fun at tropes of the genre and as an excuse to drop in pop culture references every few minutes or so. The actual mechanics of the game couldn’t be more meat and potatoes as far as the video game type of RPGs goes. You travel to a location, pick up a quest that always involves killing a certain number of things, you travel to another location, fight the things in turn-based battles, then head home to collect the reward and buy new stuff. The original game was created by Behold Studios, who just put the finishing touches on their latest game, Chroma Squad. Since they were busy working on that game, another developer, KYY Games, stepped up for the sequel.

Main Features

Things start off well enough. You can make two characters for your starting party, and in addition to selecting a job and stereotype as in the first game, you can also choose a fantasy race. The stereotypes are mostly different from the first game and make a bit more sense. You won’t have your elderly teacher joining the game this time, for example. Granted, they basically just copied and pasted the lineup from The Breakfast Club, but it works. Each stereotype will have some sort of passive ability they bring into the game with them, along with their own stat modifications. Races work almost identically, just adding another layer on top. There are only a few to choose from at the moment, with only humans, dwarves, and elves showing up for the party. As for the job classes, it’s a somewhat limited selection that grows both as the game progresses and as you go out of your way to unlock things.


  • Great idea
  • Fun game
  • Simple mechanics
  • Nice visuals


  • As for me, I like more blood and more hardcore action

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


Definitely, a game that deserves some attention!







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