Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors Cheats, Mod APK, Tricks 2018

Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors Online Hack – Android/iOS

Now let`s get in this game called Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors published by Zonmob Game Studio. I am very excited because I love tower defense games and I am really happy when I get my hands on one. Especially it is good. To carry out the objective you will have to help yourself from the heroes that will fight in the battle, in addition to the towers that can be placed with the coins, which will be achieved by defeating enemies, which once placed can be improved or sold. The battle will start with a sum of money that will allow creating towers before starting the battle. In addition, there will be a series of special attacks that will be reloaded once used. In order to advance through the maps and worlds, it will be necessary to improve both the heroes and the towers. As you progress, you will unlock content and different enemies that will hinder progress.

Main Features

Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors has a homogeneous and detailed design, with characters as a wink in the levels as Thor, Marvel or Ariel, the little mermaid from Disney. Which is always fun when you know what the game is talking about. So about the gameplay, I can say only one but very important thing. And that is the word FUN. If you are looking for a game that can hook you up, well this is definitely the game for you.


  • Great gameplay
  • Simple mechanics
  • Good artwork
  • Good sense of humor


  • I can`t think of any

Google Play Store download link – here

Apple App Store download link – here


Well, all I can say about this game is that is very fun to play and simple in mechanics. The sense of humor is nice and as I said this is kind of game that can hook you up for a very long time. Even the children can keep up with that game. Tha wide target of people has hooked already so join us!


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