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Idle Apocalypse Online Hack – Android/iOS

So there are times when the evil genius in you has to awaken and this is time to show you a game called Idel Apocalypse published by Iron Horse Games LLC. Taking on the role of Sid, you run a cult. And you hope to summon powerful demons in search of revenge. “Revenge against whom” you might ask. It is revenge against your parents, your gym teacher, Misty from 4th grade, Aunty Mildred, the jocks in the chess club, and presumably a long list of others. You build a tower. And you recruit cultist to farm mud used for making goblins. With over forty different rooms to unlock and explore there is a lot of content.  You produce spiders in your hatchery. You’ve even got your own library. Unfortunately, you’ve recruited an arachnophobe to run your hatchery.  And the staff on your staff in the library questions why you even need books at all.

Main Features

Now let`s continue and see the main features of the game. The dialogue in this game is by far my favorite part. The quirky banter between Sid and the other cultists have me watching the screen attentively waiting for another line to make me laugh. When I spoke to Sebastian about the dialogue he mentioned that he loved lines that broke the fourth wall. And that he also got a kick out of the lines that discuss the health and safety of the cultists. Sid seems to view them as largely disposable. His favorite line is from the Idol Gurth; “If I am not fed, I will destroy you… …on co-op multiplayer!”. I also took the time to ask if he had a favorite cultist. Meet cultist 78.


  • Good idea
  • Nice gameplay
  • Funny story


  • Honestly, this game is fun but I am not in this kind of games. But hey this is me!

Google Play Store – download link

Apple App Store – download link


I think that this is a game that everyone with evil within him should try it! This is a joke guys, just saying!


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