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Today we are looking at Hyper Sentinel. Now let`s start and see what this game has to offer. If you happen to remember a time when video games came in audio tapes, the name ‘Hewson Consultants’ will surely ring an 8-bit bell. Exercise your memory a bit longer and you might even be familiar with Uridium, a 1986 scrolling shmup designed by Andrew Braybrook that sent both reviewers and gamers into a frenzy. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Uridium’s spiritual reboot is finally within our grasp, but is there still a place for Hyper Sentinel 32 years later? There are 12 enemy Super-Dreadnoughts causing all sorts of havoc across the solar system and, sadly, the only thing standing between complete obliteration is your single Hyper Sentinel space fighter. That is all the plot you need for this one, think The Last Starfighter meets Star Wars’ Star Destroyers in glorious 8-bit sprite-work.

Main Features

Gameplay is lifted straight from the original 1986 game and, as such, every level is viewed from a top-down perspective and stretch as long as the particular Super-Dreadnought you’re fighting against. You can move back and forth along said enemy metal monstrosity at your discretion. In fact, you will often need to do so in order to either attack all the surface targets needed to sniff out the enemy boss or just to evade pursuing enemy ships and ensure you live enough to actually make it say, boss. Its controls are nice and simple: the left analog or D-Pad control your ship in eight directions, ‘A’ or ‘B’ is your fire button and ‘RZ’ enables you to boost to insanely fast speeds. This boost can be used to either give chase to enemy ships and power-ups or simply evade danger from surface weapons or boss attacks. However, you can not fire and shoot at the same time, so despite the non-stop frantic shmup action, you will need to keep a cool head and know when to boost. Each level is a score attack, so chaining kills to rack up combo multipliers is the best strategy to make your way up the online leaderboards.


  • Good gameplay and graphics
  • It feels like you are playing a classic


  • It is a nice game but it is too old looking for me

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


I think that this is a fun and simple game. And it is good!



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