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Hitman GO: Definitive Edition is the PC port of a mobile puzzler. Wait, don’t close the page. It’s certainly no Blood Money, but this Hitman spin-off isn’t as throwaway as that opening sentence would suggest. For one thing, this is no match-three time waster. GO is a proper puzzle game, filled with handcrafted levels and varied design. You play as Agent 47, in a fashion. He’s the playing piece on a series of extravagant game boards, (and so about as stiff as Timothy Olyphant in the Hitman movie). You move 47 across the grid lines etched into these boards, navigating around guards and towards the exit square. GO’s presentation is sumptuous. Each board is a detailed diorama, full of incidental detail around its main puzzle elements. There are gardeners pruning bushes, workmen carrying toolkits, and even a wedding guest mourning his lost love.

Main Features

The difficulty is in the layout of the grid pattern, and the guards that patrol it. Movement is turn-based, and each guard behaves differently based on the color of their jacket. Blue guards stay in the same spot, and the only attack if 47 moves directly in front of them. Yellow guards patrol back and forth across the grid and are frequently the most challenging part of any level they appear in. In many of the levels, 47 can win through movement alone. To take an enemy out, you must approach from the side or behind – knocking that piece off the board. That’s not always possible, and so positioning is key. You’re often asked to identify and unravel the one weak spot in a level’s defense. In addition, some levels contain specific tools. Find a piece of trash on the board, and you can throw it to distract nearby guards. Trapdoors allow 47 to teleport between different squares. Later, weapons and disguises appear and broaden the possibility space in some interesting ways.


  • Nice board game feeling
  • Innovative idea for an action game
  • A different approach of the traditional game


  • The pawn style is nice, but personally, I am missing the intensity of the original game and the feeling of the Hitman.

Google Play Store – download link 

Apple App Store – download link


No matter what we speak, this is still a Hitman game and every gamer who knows the game have to try this on his mobile device. Good luck!


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