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Hide Online Mobile video game is an online third-person shooter game that is massively multiplayer. The action-shooter thriller is an addictive game that belongs to the genre of Prop Hunt and was developed by HitRock Games. The free game involves players getting into hide-and-seek battles where the hunter hunts the prop and shoots them. A player may act as either a prop or a hunter. If you are a prop, you try to escape and hide to avoid being shot by other players. On the other hand, if you are the hunter, you look around and fish out other players who are in the form of props and shoot them if you find them. When you are playing as the prop and you get shot, you lose a life. Again, by shooting the wrong target, you also lose lives.

Hide Online Tips & Tricks

The gameplay is quite simple. As the Hide Online begins, you have to choose whether you want to play as the hunter or the hunted; a Hunter or a Prop. When you play as the hunter, it’s important for you to be keen and listen to hear sounds in order to avoid shooting the wrong targets. Otherwise, you’ll lose lives and recovering will be an uphill task. When you take a shot at any Prop, you must shoot to kill. You must ensure that you know the sounds that are associated with the Prop in order to reduce the chances of you taking shots at the wrong objects. The golden rule here is to not shoot until you are sure that you found the spot where your target is hiding.


There are a number of characters in the game that you can play as and a variety of weapons that you can use in your hunting sprees. Each object that acts as the Props must fit into their own environment. If this isn’t the case, the object is most likely under the control of other players. When you shoot such an object using your weapon; say an AK, they definitely get hurt too. Props, as said earlier, are the hunted. If you are these kinds of objects, you face Hunter’s weapons. The idea is to avoid getting shot. To do this, you must ensure you transform your appearance into objects such as a lavatory fan, a chair, a cup, table, plant, or even a box. To navigate the hiding places, he uses sounds and music. The Props also have the capacity to prop other players who are hunting them. The game allows the prop up to around 30 seconds for hiding. After this period, the Prop will have to either taunt other players or make a sound. If the hunters manage to fish all the Props and clear them, the hunters get to win the game.

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Main Features of Hide Online Mobile Game

When you play as the Prop, you try to evade being shot by the Hunters. They must taunt Hunters or make sounds to let the Hunters know that they can start hunting.

Hunters aim to clear all the Props by fishing them out and killing them. If the hunters kill all the Props, they win the game.

• It’s an addictive game
• The storyline is very engaging
• The game controls are easy to work and simple
• The graphics of the game are great


• The game gets a bit repetitive after a number of levels

Play Hide Online

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Apple App Store – Download

Hide Online is a great mobile game that all game lovers ought to try out. Most shooting game lovers will definitely find it interesting to play.

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