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Helix Jump mobile game is a free-to-play Action Arcade video game for mobile devices. The game was developed by Voodoo. The addictive adventurous game was first released in February 2018 and is now available from AppStore and Google PlayStore. The game is free but has a number of in-app purchases that a player may need to spend money on if interested. The uniqueness of the game is the fact that it’s easy to start and continue playing yet mastering it is so difficult. The style of this game is an endless play. The player tries to get a given ball down a number of platforms. As you do this, you ensure that you avoid red platforms which have a capacity to prematurely end your gaming turn.

Tips and Tricks

The gameplay of Helix Jump mobile is quite simple. The player only needs to put their finger on their device’s screen and move it from the left side to the right one. The movement of the finger helps in rotating the structure of helix as you may desire. There is no need of moving the ball that is displayed on the screen. All that is required to be moved are the platforms. These platforms move in a way that they rotate around a pole that is centrally placed.
You have to ensure that the ball falls through the openings that are seen on the game map. To this, however, you have to move the platforms appropriately. Your balls are allowed to bounce on every other platform, except the red ones. Unfortunately, if this happens, your turn is ended.
In order to make a score of many more points, you can try to ensure that your ball falls through many openings all at the same time. However, take care not to go through 3 or more than that. This is because your ball can land on a spot of a red platform and the platform will be broken by your ball.
This may cause you to die. There are two possible ways of continuing with the game after a sudden death.
The first is to start afresh and play on until you get to the point where you were. The second way is by taking your time to watch an ad. If you watch the ad to the end, you’ll be revived and keep going. Each of these ads lasts at least ten seconds. It’s important to remember that there is no way of skipping the ads and you are only allowed to revive your turn once.

Helix Jump Game Features

To play the game, a player simply downloads it and start playing. In-app purchases are few but if interested, you can go ahead and make the purchases.

• Ball
There is a ball that appears on the player’s screen. The ball is supposed to be taken down a number of platforms.

• Platforms
There are sets of platforms through which a player must get the ball through. The red platform is to be avoided as it can cause you to die.

• Helix Structure
The player has to rotate the helix structure by using their fingers.

• Openings
These are the spaces through which a gamer needs to pass the ball.

• Ads
In order to revive yourself when you die by going into a red platform, you can watch a 10-minute ad once.


• The game has simple controls and is easy to play
• It’s a free game
• There are just but a few in-app purchases
• Has addictive mechanics of gameplay
• Has very rich visual effects


• The storyline is a bit shallow
• The game gets repetitive after a while

Play Helix Jump

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link

Helix Jump APK / Tool for Mobile



Helix Jump mobile game is quite an easy game to play. The only interesting part is how mastering it becomes tough. However, the gameplay is amazing and is immersing.

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