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Pokémon Go removed much of the base series’ depth for location-based social activity. Super Mario Run relegated the sophistication of Mario platforming to button taps. Fire Emblem as a series is resistant to that kind of reduction. The strategy role-playing game series is all about lengthy battles, challenging maps and memorable characters whose stories play out over several chapters. Yet with Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo seems to finally have perfected translating the console experience to smartphones. Heroes is an excellent example of how to make an RPG work on smartphones, optimized for the platform without sacrificing the most important and appealing parts of the genre. Fire Emblem Heroes manages to do this by turning the franchise’s wide-ranging cast into its biggest gimmick. A story mode has the unseen player character command a team of up to four units traverses the various worlds of Fire Emblem. Each one is based on a different game in the series, from 1990’s Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light to last year’s Fire Emblem Fates.

Main Features

Hopping around from setting to setting involves some nonsensical bits of explanation, but it was a treat seeing dozens of familiar faces team up and take on my own carefully constructed group of fighters. It’s not just the characters that are recognizable, though. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems also preserved the series’ battle system and core mechanics for Heroes. Memorizing the weapon triangle — swords beat axes, axes beat lances, lances beat swords — is still required for making it out of those turn-based battles with all units still intact. The battle system may not be as complex as it is on consoles, but it’s not watered down. It remains nuanced enough for me to get lost in, having played several Fire Emblem games in the past. At the same time, removing some of the more intense elements — like permadeath and weapon durability — also makes Fire Emblem Heroesaccessible and appealing to newcomers. Map design, on the other hand, is lacking in comparison to the main series, but limiting the number of fighters that can enter into battle helps to provide a new kind of strategizing in place of traps and danger zones usually found on maps.


  • Great RPG game
  • Nice mechanics
  • Simple gameplay


  • I wish for a better-looking models and graphics

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This is a nice RPG game!


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