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Faily Brakes Online Hack – Android/iOS

May whatever gods exist forever bless video games. Whereas having your vehicle’s brakes go out on you is one of real life’s most terrifying experiences, the event is a potential comedy riot in the digital world. Throw in some banjo music and you’ve got yourself a running comedy routine. Faily Brakes from Spunge Games is one such game that makes us think about what a funny picture we’d cut if we sailed non-stop down a steep hill with a slack brake pedal. Again, kind of horrifying when you imagine yourself or a loved one in such a position, but did a great prophet not once say, “Tragedy is when I cut my finger, comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die?” So Spunge Games has a pretty solid premise with Faily Brakes. Even its name is an obvious and hilarious take on Crossy Road. Alas, unlike our road-crossing chicken, Faily Brakes’ controls are … well, they’re made of fail. And the frequent ads and slow restarts make for a rather tedious experience once you’ve seen your driver go sailing off over the horizon, ragdoll-like, a few dozen times.

Main Features

You begin each session of Faily Brakes as a poor schmuck whose brakes go out during a nice Sunday drive. You go zipping over the guardrail, right over an oncoming train. It’s awesome. Then Brake Guy’s fate is entirely in your hands.You’ll go careening over the hill, which is dotted with trees, bridges, rocks, and other obstacles aching to make you come to a sudden, painful stop. There are also roads, lakes, and train tracks, the latter two of which you’re supposed to leap over using ramps (unless you can find and use narrow passageways that let you skirt around objects). Your tumble goes on forever, so the point is to last as long as possible.


  • Fun to play
  • Good graphics
  • Amazing mechanics


  • It is a little one sided but it is ok

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


This is one crazy and funny game, and I recommend it!


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