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Exploration Lite Online Hack – Android/iOS

Exploration Lite is a world-building game inspired by Minecraft. There is no central objective for the game, other than to freely roam the environments provided and build things out of the many different blocks provided. The skills required include motor skills to use the app, as well as general creativity. When the app is first installed and opened, players are taken to a pixelated screen with various icons: a Menu button and an Add icon in the top right-hand corner, a Delete button in the top left-hand corner, as well as up/down/left/right arrow keys in the bottom left corner. Once a player uses their finger to move across the main area of the screen, they discover that they are able to change their view and turn around to the scene of a beach. The world is constructed of pixels and blocks but forms an entire picture – a blue sky with clouds, a lake of water with sand, grass and trees, etc. Players can use their right hand to direct the camera, whilst using their left hand on the movement keypad in order to move forwards, back and to the sides. There is also an icon which allows players to jump up a single block.

Main Feauters

Players are encouraged to be creative and build things within the world – these are not limited, and can be made from any of the blocks available. Players first select a block from the menu, hover over the location they wish to place it, and then tap on the Add icon in order to place it. In order to delete a misplaced block, players must simply hover their central cursor over it and then click on the Delete icon. The game is said to be inspired by Minecraft, and is almost identical in terms of gameplay and style. There is also an option to change the initial terrain: players can choose from a basic Earth template, a Flat terrain which merely has grass and sky, as well as a template with blocks floating in the sky.


  • Simple game
  • Creative and fun
  • A real time killer


  • We all can see that this game is a Minecraft copy, but I think that deserves a chance.

Google Play Store – download link

Apple App Store – download link


Overall the game is nice, it may be a clone or Minecraft but there is a charm in it. Don`t forget that this si a mobile device game. So try it!

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