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Evoland could have been just a gimmick. It would have gotten away with it too, so strong is that gimmick. But impressively, this playable tour through the history of Zelda-like RPGs manages to feel like a game in itself at the same time. Starting off in black-and-green, your character – only named once you’ve evolved enough through the genre for such things – begins only scrolling left and right. By opening chests, new innovations in console RPG gaming become unlocked. These take the form of big leaps, like updating to 16-bit graphics, and tiny details, like the inclusion of volumetric lighting. And they especially affect the style of game you’re playing, as you drift from GameBoy-ish simplicity to Diablo-esque complexity.

Main Features

The game mixes combat styles along with everything else. Often you’ll be equipped with your sword, and later bows and bombs, running around in real-time, swishing at the baddies. Depending on how far through history you’ve advanced, you’ll be running on the axes, then given free movement, and eventually in the game’s best moments, the ability to “time travel”, switching back and forth between its most modern rendition of 3D, and its 16-bit, top-down nostalgia. (Switching between the modes changes what you can access based on graphical rules, setting up some splendid puzzles, and creating a section that really stands out as an idea worthy of a game of its own.) However, other times you’ll be in a more JRPG-styled turn-based combat, you on the right, enemies on the left, choosing attacks and defenses from a list. Much later on, the combat gets properly frantic, even throwing in a few nods at combos. And it’s those JRPG moments that are a millstone around Evoland’s neck. Whatever you feeling about random encounters in RPGs, whether you think them a wonderful inclusion or a bunion on the raspy foot of gaming, they’re rubbish here. The reason they work is that of their intricacies, the threat of failure, and the joy of judiciously reached success. None is on offer here, with none of the 67 billion encounters offering a glimmer of threat, but rather a tiresome chore to wade through, over and over and over and over and over and over again, just because you wanted to run from one point on the larger-scale map to another. While for a lot of this you have a companion character (who also nicely teases the ways of companion characters in games), each has literally one attack for most of the game. There’s absolutely no fun to be found here, none of the rest of the game’s twinkly-eyed humor, but instead, a tedious slog that interrupts your fun.



  • Nice RPG feeling
  • Good old-school graphics
  • Nice artwork


  • It could be a little better with the gameplay but it is ok

Google Play Store – download link

Apple App Store – download link

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