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Let’s be honest with ourselves, the human race. If scientists revive dinosaurs, we’ll spend maybe ten minutes “ooh”-ing over the sight of a diplodocus thundering slowly across the plains. Then,  inevitably, someone will put their hands on their hips and ask, “All right, now how do I kill this thing and slap it on the barbeque?”Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is a hunting game from Glu Games that’s all about acquiring the firepower and expert aim necessary to take down a charging T-Rex. The game offers no speculation on what the King of the Dinosaurs actually tastes like, unfortunately. Unsurprisingly, Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores plays a good deal like Glu Games’ Deer Hunter series. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since, like most Deer Hunter games, Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is very accessible. Regardless of how comfortable you are handling a gun in games or in real life, you shouldn’t have any issues making the dinosaurs extinct once more.

Main Features

The action in Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is compartmentalized into dozens of different hunting missions. There are tons of species to take down – carnivores and herbivores alike – and different terrain and weather conditions to contend with. At the start of each mission, you’re instructed to kill one or more dinosaurs. Your hunting tactics vary depending on the nature of the dino you’re stalking. Small, timid herbivores and omnivores are likelier to disappear into the thicket as soon as they hear the roar of your gun, meaning you need to take the time to line up a perfect shot. Velociraptors, on the other hand, are far more likely to say “Get off my lawn” by way of a talon jammed into your guts. Speed is vital in these instances, for obvious reasons.


  • Good graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • Nice idea for a hunting game


  • There is still a little more way to go, but this game is a good start for a hunting experience.

Google Play Store – download link

Apple App Store – download link


After all, I think that this is a good game with good graphics and gameplay so I will recommend it to you.


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