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Demolition Derby 2 Online Hack – Android/iOS

Demolition Derby is one heck of a confused game. It’s probably the only racing game that awards points for smashing into the opposition, even though the more your car makes contact with others, the more likely it is to blow up, thus ending the game. Perhaps because of this irony Demolition Derby, now in its second installment, continues to be one of the most exciting racing titles. The basics of Demolition Derby 2 are almost identical to the original. You will still find three modes of play (Wreckin’ Racing, Stock Car Racing, and Destruction Derby), three cars to choose from, and a host of different tracks (seven raceways, four Destruction Derby enclosed arenas). What’s new in DD2 is the size and speed of the courses. The winding, narrow, claustrophobic roadways of the first Destruction Derby have been replaced with huge, wide superspeedways worthy of games like NASCAR Racing and The Need for Speed. Each track offers its own set of characteristics and physics, with whipping turns, monstrous jumps, and high banks. All are infinitely superior to the tight, slow courses of the original.

Main Features

The gameplay was fun at first but can get boring after a while. You can race in single player mode, or battle with 30 other cars trying to total them. The basic idea is to ram into them and make it so they can’t even move anymore. Then, you move in for the kill. Just total them. The game lacks choice. You get to choose from 3 cars. WHOOP DEE DO!!!!! Three cars. That’s a lot of choices. The bad thing is, the fast cars have NO handling or turning. The game had like four battle arenas. Not a lot of choice. It had some good race tracks though. Also, it looks cool when you go up a ramp, you will be able to do some MAD stuff. The game also lacked a multiplayer mode. Which really brought it down too.


  • Interesting game
  • Nice graphics
  • Fun to play


  • Poor choice of cars
  • One-sided game

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


And so I think that this game has some features but a lot of poor sides!

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