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Darkness Rises Online Hack – Android/iOS

Now, this is a game that deserves a review. Darkness Rises, by Nexon, is not a typical video game for mobile. At first, it looks totally out of place. Are you looking for a game which blends elements of an ARPG and an MMORPG? No? I wasn’t either. What about if it’s on your phone, though, and has near console-level graphics? And it was also free to play. Ok, now it’s got my interest. Darkness Rises is a small download (for me only about 80 MB to start playing), and the game begins with you thick in the action. You’ll choose a character from four classes: Warrior (male), Wizard (female), Berserker (male), and Assassin (female). Sadly, the classes are gender-locked and that doesn’t seem likely to change, which can seem a bit odd.

Main Features

Now let`s get to the game itself. No matter what character you choose, you’ll find that your home is under attack from numerous bad guys, including orcs, trolls, and even a dragon. As you start slaying them, however, the action is frequently paused by the mandatory tutorial as you are led step-by-step in how to fight and use your abilities in Darkness Rises. This is a mixed bag. While it’s a blessing for some, it felt unnecessary to me, especially since there is a handy help button on almost every screen. Expect the tutorial to feel tedious as it painstakingly guides you through every window to ensure you know where to find everything you’ll need. That’s the worst part of the beginning of the game. The combat in Darkness Rises is fast-paced and gorgeous in every detail. Your character feels very much alive as you swing, stab or cast your way to victory, thanks to the lively animations and executions.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Great sound and mechanics
  • Incredible action and dynamics
  • Amazing game


  • I am not sure that this game has any.

Google Play Store – download link

Apple App Store – download link


While there’s much more that could be covered, that sums up the majority of the game. Overall, Darkness Rises is a breath of fresh air in the mobile gaming arena. Love it, hate it, or meh, it’s guaranteed to have at least a couple of surprises for you. You’ve never seen anything quite like Darkness Rises on your phone before.

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