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Cube Survival: LDoE Online Hack – Android/iOS

Today we are looking at a game called Cube Survival: LDoE published by Mishka Production. Have you ever imagined future civilization collapsed? One day when you wake up and you realize that you are the only one on earth who survived when everyone turned into zombies, then what must you do to survive? When playing Cube Survival: LDoE, you will live in the last days of the world, a world where civilization is dead. Humans are on the brink of extinction, so many people die and turn into scary zombies and then they continue to spread the disease. You are the last survivor of the world. As with other survival games, you must do everything you can to survive in front of the bloody zombie. They sabotage and eat whatever they see, and not only that, dangerous beasts also appear everywhere waiting for you.

Main Features

Now let`s continue exploring this game and see what else we have here. When the game starts you only have one ax, in order to survive, you must first collect wood, stone, food, and then build a house to avoid the zombies. The world is left with you and the zombies, dangerous beasts so you need to become strong to survive and can fight them. Once you have built a solid base, you can also collect fuel to make weapons that will fight and kill zombies and beasts. Over time you will be leveled up, experienced and can create more items, weapons are more modern, you can even create modern things like cars, phones, USB, guns … You can also expand your base by building more houses or camps to create a safe place for your own. In addition to building a solid base, modern weapons to kill the zombies, you can also fight with other players. Get to the base area of the other player then attack and be able to win their resources. Besides, fighting with your friends and together build great bases, powerful on different terrain types.


  • The game has simple yet fun graphics
  • The mechanics are well positioned and it is easy to control your hero
  • The Minecraft feeling is great


  • What bad thing you can say for a game that is fun!

Google Play Store – download link

Apple App Store – download link


This is a game that deserves to be played. I mean look at it. At least it get`s you hooked right away!


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