Blade Reborn – Forge Your Destiny Cheats, Mod APK, Tricks 2018

Blade Reborn – Forge Your Destiny Online Hack – Android/iOS

Blade Reborn – Forge Your Destiny is an ‘action RPG’ in the third person, in which players will have to face the forces of hell. At the beginning of the adventure, players can choose what type of character they want to control: warrior, wizard or assassin. And as expected, each character class has its own unique abilities. The control system in Blade Reborn – Forge Your Destiny is very intuitive: with the left virtual ‘stick’ we can move our character around the stage, while with all the buttons on the right we can take out attacks and special abilities. In addition, at any time of the battle, we can alternate between two different weapons.

Main Features

The game has an extensive story mode, in which we can visit more than a hundred different scenarios full of demons, zombies and others enemies out of hell. In addition to the story mode, in which we can go discovering details about the plot, Blade Reborn – Forge Your Destiny has a PVP mode in which we can fight against other players. Blade Reborn – Forge Your Destiny is a good action game with brush strokes, which has a large graphics section and an entertaining combat system. As we go up the level of our hero, in addition, we can go against increasingly more spectacular bosses.


  • Great graphics
  • Nice action feel
  • Good mechanics
  • Great RPG game


  • I am not sure that this game has some cons!

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


I am telling you that this is a really nice game!



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