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Bike Race Online Hack – Android/iOS

And today we are looking at a really fun game called Bike RAcer published by Top Free Games. And I want to tell you guys that it is rare to see such fun and addictive game in that form. Bike Race Free is a crazy stunt featuring racing game that makes absolutely no sense in the real world, but is still awesome – so who cares? Set on some of the wildest stages we have ever seen in any stunt racer game, your mission in this game is to race on, around, over, and sometimes even under the stage in order to get to the end goal, (i.e. a checkered racing flag). The controls you use to play this game are – rather unsurprisingly – similar to the popular Hill Climb Racing in how you brake/accelerate by tapping on the left or right sides of your screen. What is different however is how you rotate your bake!

Main Features

By tilting your device you can rotate your bike either forward or backward, allowing you to change the rotation of your bike without slowing your acceleration! This small yet important feature allows you to charge through stages full speed without the fear of overbalancing and landing on your head, GAME OVER. For gamers who enjoy this type of game, what perhaps may be the single most exciting feature of all is how Bike Race Free features individual stages, not just a bunch of neverending stages. And this is something that is very valuable.


  • Fun and addictive game
  • Nice stages
  • Good idea
  • Fun gameplay


  • Sometimes the levels are too damn hard

Google Play Store – download link

Apple App Store – download link


If you like performing in-game stunts and think it’s about time you took your racing skills to the next level, this is the game for you!


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